WP 6000


WP 6100: Coordination & Management of the Study

  • Project coordination and management, communication and reporting to the EC (COORD).
  • Financial and legal management of the consortium (MGT).

WP 6200: Dissemination & Communication

  • Dissemination of UFO Results
  • Participation to Workshops (Wakenet-4 Europe, SESAR WPE Innovation Workshop,…).
  • Communications towards large European airports (flyers, lectures,…)· Coordination with International organization for standardization initiatives: FAA, ICAO.
  • Web site development & maintenance.


  • Document : UFO-Dissemination-Workshop-Final-Public-Release-RevC.pdf (221.61 kB) - Date : 02/13/2015
    UFO Dissemination WorkShop

    Objectives, Agenda, Speakers