WP 4000

Field Test and Validation

WP 4000: Field test of wind and EDR retrieval

  • Field Test Plan Definition for trials at Toulouse and Munich Airports. These test plans will contain two main parts :

       Purpose of the trial : goal of the trial, direction of pointing of the radar and LIDAR,  modes of Radar / LIDAR,  duration of the trial, pattern for the flight, data to register, reference weather data to register, …

       Security. A dedicated part will address all the security /safety issue. It will contain : 

          - Electrical safety 

          - Height safety 

          - Eyes safety (for LIDAR)

          - Electromagnetic Safety (Radar)

  • All the security issue related to the airport (pass, fire , …).
  • Provision of high resolution 3D-Wind data from X-band radar and LIDAR measurement system for validating Wind and EDR Processing in all weather conditions.
  • 2 trials campaign for processing validation, simulator and sensors calibration on:

     Toulouse Airport : 1 Week of trials. X-band 1D E-scan Radar & upgraded 1.5 micron Lidar field tests, complemented with experimental aircraft flights equipped with probes and VHF ADS-B-like broadcasting systems for MET data downlink. Trials will be used to develop a quality feedback service. The goal is also to validate the scanning strategies able to measure fast and accurately both 3D wind fields and turbulence parameters. This campaign will provide database for testing algorithms developed in WP2220.

     Munich Airport : Mechanical scanning X-band Radar & 1.6 micron Lidar, 2 C-band Weather Radars field tests. Fusion of X-band radar/LIDAR data with Mode-S data.