WP 3000

Data Fusion and Resource Management

WP 3100: Radar/Lidar Resources Management

  • To study complementarities between Lidar and Radar sensors.
  • To study Collaborative/Coordinated Lidar/Radar 3D scanning strategies (scanned  volumes) according to weather conditions and observed hazards characteristics.

WP 3200: Data Fusion

  • To study interpolation of Wind/EDR data from low speed scanning C-band operational weather radars (existing radars in the vicinity of airport).
  • To study and develop algorithms for Auxiliary Sensors Processing and Data Fusion : X-band Radar, and Lidar data at range lower than 10 km, broadcasting weather data from ADS-B, Weather Channel of PSR Radar and C-band Weather Radar at long range greater than 10 km.
  • To perform "data fusion" with a state of the art numerical weather prediction model (KNMI atmospheric model with a horizontal resolution of 500m) exploiting the high resolution wind and, when available, turbulence observations from the testbed.